FEU among top law schools with excellent passers

FEU Advocate
April 13, 2022 02:02

By Arabella Rochynne Asis

Far Eastern University - Institute of Law (FEU-IL) along with other top law universities, obtained recognition for having Bar examination excellent passers. 

According to 2020/2021 Bar Examinations Chairperson, Justice Marvic M.V.F. Leonen, the Supreme Court decided to forgo the traditional top 10 passers and implemented exemplary and excellent performance.

Passers with 85% and above grades are qualified for exemplary performance while passers who scored higher than 90% were given excellent performance.

Among 14 excellent passers is FEU-IL alumnus Mervynn Joshua Reyes. 

In addition, 13 FEU-IL alumni obtained an exemplary performance among 761 others. 

In a Facebook post, FEU-IL Dean Attorney Melencio Sta. Maria congratulated all Tamaraw barristers. 

“I believe in all of you. BE BRAVE. Be dauntless. GO for your dreams,” Sta. Maria stated. 

FEU-IL got a passing percentage of 85.26% for new takers, 80.16% for retakers, and 82.61% overall.