Cyber Stockholm Syndrome

FEU Advocate
March 14, 2022 09:40

Little girl, thought you had the whole world in your hands,
So mature for your age, they lied to your face.
All you wanted was to find a place to belong,
Now you see past the cyberspace’s farce.

A well-placed virus behind strings of code.

Little girl, you sunk yourself deeper into this hole,
Eyes wide and dry from staring at bright screens,
Living in dark fantasies even before you turned sixteen,
Tricked into believing the real world is a bore.

And the internet has ruined you.

Little girl, the world watched you drink this poison,
Sometimes even straight from their hands and they didn’t stop you,
Thought they didn’t really have a reason to,
Now, you wished they pulled the plugs.

Another prey in a sea of ones and zeros.

- Beatrice Diane D. Bartolome

(Illustration by Margarita Rivera/FEU Advocate)