Calendar To-Do List: Self-Love at Its Finest!

FEU Advocate
April 06, 2023 17:54

By Brit Charles Quevedo

Freshly-picked flowers, hand-made letters, and caramel-glazed chocolates—these are the essentials to spend days and months on a sweet, sugary note. Although the year is not the same without any hand to hold nor any gift to receive, it does not have to end that way. So do not flip the calendar just yet!

Having to live life liberally gives everyone a chance and an avenue to seek love, even if that means that you have to go solo. Loving does not require a girl’s hand to hold or a guy’s cheek to kiss—your very own heart is enough.

The love cupid might not be in your favor for now, so here are some of the things to do at any time of the calendar alone—but definitely not lonely!

  1. Treat yourself out 

As they say, there is no love much better than the love of food. However, misconceptions about dining alone have always been part of society labelling it as lonely–but it’s finally time to break that stigma. Spend the time out to order what and where you wish to eat without the constant worry of being judged. Get a table for one and have a whole feast for yourself.

Remember that the best way to one’s heart is through the stomach. Bon appétit!

2. Start a study session 

If love comes in second, then studies definitely take the first spot. While all are busy putting hearts all over their calendars, spend yours wisely by preparing for the upcoming finals examination this second semester. Take the time to focus on your academics for the love of knowledge and wisdom. 

Make college diplomas the best type of love letter you ever receive.

3. Hangout with your friends

Whether single or with a significant other, friends celebrate their days together! Create more memories in the friendships you have by spending time with the people who got your back. Love may come in many shapes and sources, but the one from your friends might just be one of the best love there is.

I mean, organizing a get-together? Definitely #SquadGoals!

4. Volunteering and supporting advocacies

In order to receive love, you must learn how to give some too. One can engage in doing voluntary services and give it to people in need; actually … even stray animals! We should take this time as a chance to not only shower ourselves with love but also to spread love to others too. 

While love is in the air, compassion goes the extra mile.

5. Give yourself a well-deserved rest

Light your scented candles, make your hot tea, and put on your collagen facial mask while listening to sweet jazz. After a long tiring day, all of us deserve and need our rightful rest. What better way to celebrate any day than to just be in bed, pampering yourself? You deserve nothing but the best, so add it to your to-do list for a month filled with self-love, self-worth, and self-care.

Indulge with a bit of me-time to give your heart, body, and mind the love they deserve.

Met a red flag? LDR did not work out? Studies first? Rejected from the beginning? There are many reasons why someone ends up single, but there are much more ways to find love and feel loved—and that begins with you.

As every “single” day eventually gets crossed off the calendar, remind yourself that love is for everyone and is never selective. 

It is absolutely fine to celebrate the month alone, as it serves as an opportunity to discover more about ourselves, and to prioritize “us” first before anything else. Whatever your relationship status is, make yourself feel loved first—this day, and for the rest of the days there may be.