AI, Nagbabalik! Multimedia Production class to delve on Esports and AI in VERSUS Untucked

FEU Advocate
November 28, 2023 09:18

By Kristine Anjela C. Pablo 

Esports more than ever has been branching out as they enter various leagues. Ignited and stronger than before, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also entered the rift and may make or break the industry. This is what VERSUS Untucked, Glitch Productions’ Episode 2 wanted to showcase premiering live tomorrow, November 29, 10:00 am to 11:00 am via Far Eastern University (FEU) Studios. 

From the usual basketball and volleyball, sports surely has widened its reach by being able to appear in associations like the recent Philippine Basketball Association Esports Bakbakan where FEU Tams FX Dota 2 were able to join the franchise team Magnolia Chicken Timplados Hotshots. 

With such new milestones also pops the question if the advancement of Esports can also be intertwined with AI. 

The question became the main theme for Glitch Productions’ Episode 2 featuring an in-depth traditional magazine format to know the right balance between the two concepts. 

For fourth-year BA Communication student and the production's director Justine Renee Cruz, getting insights from professors and Esports players would be beneficial to show differences in the proponents’ environment and experiences.

Parang transition kasi siya from the previous episode 1 and then biglang another lens which is Esports. Para makita ‘yung potential na magkaroon ng AI sa Esports in general. Kung napapalitan na sa industriya nila, what more sa Esports pa. (It is like a transition from the previous episode 1 and then another lens which is Esports. To show the potential of AI being in other industries. What more in Esports),” Cruz shared.

This is similar to what the production has produced in their VERSUS Episode 1 where FEU professors had a one-on-one guessing which are AI or student works. 

Cruz also shared that the production worked on their production design despite having to adjust to fit their narrative. For the team, shades of blue and green perfectly matched what they wanted to bring to their audience. 

The fourth-year student also incorporated what they learned in their previous courses by adding Man-On-The-Street interviews to know the perspectives of the green-and-gold community about the topic. 

Adding on the spotlight is Mark Christopher Aspiras, a lecturer at FEU Department of Communication emphasizing on the importance of delving away from the usual themes and to always think outside the box. 

Similarly, the same Multimedia Production class also features Athlit Productions which will break through art using the field of dance sports. 

More than just a requirement, these productions will serve as one of the many initiatives not just to showcase talents and crafts of our own, but to use technology and what we have learned for a greater cause.