13th Sinepiyu Film Festival: Showcasing Aspiring Filmmakers’ Enchanting Stories

FEU Advocate
May 25, 2021 10:02

Behind the lens of a camera tells a story fueled by culture, emotions, and passion. Bringing life to art is meant to convey a meaningful message that is strong enough to unveil the sad truth of reality.      

It is the time of year again where passion and film become one, as Far Eastern University (FEU) Film Society is set to take its 13th Sinepiyu to the virtual world with SINEPIYU XIII: Tuklasin Ang Misteryong Kaisipan at Hiwaga ng Sining.

Steff Villanueva, FEU Film Society’s president and director of this year’s event said, “Sinepiyu also serves as a platform that aims to open conversations on socio-political issues, gender equality, and human rights through various narratives featured in the films that (join) the competition.” Therefore, participants are free to base their stories on different social realities.

Villanueva shared that the whole team organizers of the event collectively came up with the theme ‘Hiwaga’ when they were playing with words like Mahika, Hiraya, Misteryo, until they came up with the current theme.

Villanueva stated that the purpose of the theme has a lot more to offer than its meaning because of the context that they wanted to portray. 

“The theme is inspired by the elements of mystery, this would like to interpret that life is like a game of cards where we gamble our way towards survival,” Villanueva explained. She also added that the image of Sinepiyu was inspired by ‘saklaan’ or ‘sakla,’ which is the local Filipino term for Spanish tarot.

As a University-based film competition that advocates for imparting substantial stories that deal with social realities to establish understanding and cultural awareness, this year’s Sinepiyu has two divisions to cater to all the young filmmakers nationwide. 

First, the All Tamaraws Category which is exclusive for the bonafide students of FEU Manila campus. The latter is the Interschool Category which is open for all the talented filmmakers from senior high school and college students in the Philippines. 

Furthermore, short films may be submitted within three genres which are narrative, experimental, and documentary categories. With this inclusive opportunity amid the pandemic, everybody is welcome to join and showcase their passion for filmmaking that will certainly be appreciated and celebrated.

The deadline of submission is on June 15, 2021 with a registration fee of P100. For more information about the film competition, this primer elaborates its specific guidelines and requirements. Interested participants may also visit Sinepiyu’s Facebook page for questions and inquiries.

Sinepiyu is indeed an impactful avenue for student filmmakers out there to take space and raise their advocacies through their boundless creativity and artistry. 

The shift to virtual platforms truly separates this year’s film festival from the previous ones, but Villanueva assured that the FEU Film Society would not let it prevent them in rekindling the sense of wonder on the beauty of cinema, “While this tradition in Sinepiyu is still possible through an online streaming platform, I think that to share your visions about the art of filmmaking among those people who share the same interest with is best done in a face-to-face set up, but all-in-all, Sinepiyu would definitely maintain its commitment to uplift the spirit of storytelling through the lens of filmmaking.”

Sinepiyu is an annual film event of the University, and its goal is to encourage and invite aspiring filmmakers all over the country to submit their entries, giving them a chance to share inspiring and eye-opening stories behind their camera’s lenses.

-Rafa Jane Galeon and Maria Leonora Roja

(Photo courtesy of FEU Film Society)