Talk of the Ton: FEU newlyweds bloom novels to forerun lovelock’s prologue

FEU Advocate
March 18, 2024 04:10

By Brit Charles V. Quevedo, Mark Vincent A. Durano, and Eunhice Corpuz

Far Eastern University (FEU) witnessed not only the unification but also the foreseen fruitful future of six couples as the prosperity of a fresh start prompted. Together with their other halves at TamVows 2024, the couples braved the eternal bond of matrimony in a mass wedding spearheaded by the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM) at the FEU Plaza last March 8. 

The six newlyweds crossed the bridge of the “enchanting union,” creating diverse emotions that resonated as the talk of the ton.

When the heart started beating

In FEU, fortitude, excellence, and uprightness blossom as romance sprouts in between. Through a well-celebrated wedlock, six couples affiliated with the University have opened another chapter of their lives as husbands and wives.

In an interview with FEU Advocate, few of the couples shared how their love story began and became stronger than ever.

Jessa Gatdula and Mark John Depison, one of the couples from TamVows 2024, shared their sundae-sweet story in a fast-food chain in 2021. During the time, Mrs. Depison was working as a manager while her husband was working at the FEU Engineering Building Food Court. 

Marriage has been the couple’s dream ever since, hence the two instantly taking the chance to be part of TamVows 2024 upon invitation.

"Tulad ng sabi ni Pastor kanina, the marriage is very important. Hindi mo pwedeng basta-bastang pasukin lang ng ganoon. Kailangan talaga tuloy-tuloy na ‘yung pagmamahal na ibibigay mo sa asawa mo (Just like what Pastor said earlier, the marriage is very important. You can’t just instantly barge into it. It requires you to continuously love your partner)," Mrs. Depison emotionally shared.

On the other hand, Jessa Llagas and Jay Sueno set off their journey at a station stop. Prior to their first meet-up, the couple had been messaging each other back and forth until one of them came up with the three sweetest words to say — “I love you.”

Four years have passed and the Suenos have still been loving each other nonstop. Recruited under the same agency, Mrs. Sueno is currently working in University of Santo Tomas Hospital while Mr. Sueno is employed as a housekeeper in FEU; reason as to why the couple was invited for TamVows 2024.

"Lagi siyang nandiyan, simula't simula pa lang hanggang ngayon sana hindi siya magbago. Lagi niyang tandaan na mahal na mahal ko siya (He’s always been there, since the beginning until now, I hope he does not change. Always remember that I love him very much)," Mrs. Sueno expressed.

Along with Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez, Mr. and Mrs. Villanueva, Mr. and Mrs. Selga, and Mr. and Mrs. Estoque, the sacred ceremony has successfully joint the hearts of lovers forever. With families and friends present to witness the couples' new chapter, unending support and happiness filled the memorable event.

The father of Charice Aldave-Estoque, one of the TamVow brides, mentioned his heartfelt message for the soon-to-be couple with a memorable tip about staying strong despite any distractions that may come.

"Ang ibig ko lang sabihin sa mga anak ko eh manatili silang maayos at maayos ang kanilang pagsasama, na walang magdi-distract sa kanilang pagsasama (The only thing I want to say to my children is to remain fine, and to keep their bond well, without any distraction to their union)," Cruzaldo Aldave stated.

Additionally, the girlfriend of Maria Villaluna-Ramirez’s brother, gives her genuine wish to the newly-weds regarding their relationship, and how it shall go on perpetually.

"Sana magtagal sila since mayroon na silang tatlong anak. Hopefully, sila na in the end. As far as I know kasi, sobrang tagal na nila, since high school pa sila (I hope they last long since they already have three children. Hopefully, it is them in the end. Because as far as I know, they have been together for so long since they were in high school)," Marrion Mejarito elaborated.

Tightening links of eternity 

The manifestation of the event pleased them as their emotions ventured. They have recognized the “tons” effort for the biggest day of their lives yet. 

It was the community they served that gave back to them as they embarked on the journey ahead of them. 

Masaya s’yempre, lalo na ‘yong mga ganitong event sobrang hindi namin ine-expect ‘yong effort. Kaya very thankful po kami. Salamat sa gumawa at sa nagsakripisyo sa gumawa (Of course happy, especially with this kind of event since we did not expect the effort . Thank you for the sacrifices and for the organizers who made this),” Mrs. Sueno shared.

The couples shared their sentiments and gratitude for how it exceeded their expectations and was treated as a blessing in disguise for their relationship.

Mrs. Depison expressed they had the plan to get married next year; however their main focus was their baby's baptism. Hence, when the opportunity came, they grabbed it. 

More than the promise of a lifetime is a relationship they have built on gratitude.

Ang message ko sa kanya ay ‘Thank you sa lahat lahat.Lagi siyang nariyan simula’t simula hanggang ngayon. Sana ‘di siya magbago. Lagi niyang tandaan na mahal na mahal ko siya. ‘Yun lang (My message for him is that ‘Thank you for everything.’ He has always been there from the beginning until now and I hope he doesn’t change. [I hope] He will remember that I love him very much. That’s all),” Mrs. Sueno promised.   

Mr. Sueno reciprocated the same affection as he affirmed that he was thankful for his wife. He shared that even though he is still a wanderer and hard-headed, she still stayed with him.

Furthermore, the couple expressed that they were happy that their child witnessed their wedding. Someday, their child will be able to tell himself that his father married his mother.

Leading to the promenade

Adhering to the ITHM’s initiatives to be involved in the community, the success of the Bridgerton-themed wedding also lies within the lifeturning moment extended to each couple hoping to begin a married life.

Since the first day of the second semester, the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) Section 3 had already envisioned the enchanted day with “class.”

With a month and a half of preparation, Aurora Events PH Overall Head Marian Bangayan proudly saw the manifestations of their efforts, meeting their own expectations.

Simple lang ‘yung motif, simple lang ‘yung theme pero nandoon ‘yung class. Nandoon ‘yung pag makita nila ‘Ang ganda, ang aesthetically pleasing nu’ng lugar, ang classic lang’ (The motif is just simple, the theme is just simple but the class is there. If they see it, there is ‘It’s beautiful, the place is aesthetically pleasing, it’s just classic’),” she exclaimed.

Throughout the preparation and execution, Bangayan cited they remained calm amid the adversities, leading to a smooth and graceful flow of their management.

Despite some logistic errors and even a sudden drizzle, the team navigated with contingency plans since they anticipated adversities even during the D-day.

Subsequently, third-year Hotel and Restaurant Management student from the Catering Section 6 Psalm Jason Depano shared the same mantra in preparing for the food.

Mas [marami] kaming backup na dish para sa mga mapapalitan namin na may na-damage (We have more backup dish for those we will replace that have damages),” he expressed. 

Bangayan also stressed on the importance of communication to properly address sudden changes or challenges.

Makipag-communicate lang lagi nang maayos sa mga certain offices para napagbibigyan din tayo and sa mga kasama din natin para ‘di tayo nagkakaroon ng problem (Just always communicate well with certain offices so we can be granted and to our members too so we could avoid problems),” the overall head stated.

Along with the MICE and Catering classes, students from Fundamentals in Food Service Operation Section 6 made the event possible as well with their efforts.

Na-realize ko [rin] na kapag nasa food and service industry… Nakakataranta, nakakapagod, tapos nakatayo ka pa lagi. Pero worth it naman po kapag alam mong nag-eenjoy ‘yung sine-serve mo (I also realized that if in the food and service industry… It is panicking, tiring, and you are always standing. But it is worth it if you know that the people you are serving are enjoying),” second-year Hotel and Restaurant Management student Marie Joyce Nario shared.

More than the real-life application of knowledge gained within the classroom, current ITHM Dean Harold Bueno cited that the full-expense mass wedding is also for students to inspire and extend help to the FEU community. 

“Our idea of this event is we wanna change the lives of our students and also, we wanna teach our students how to change the lives of others, how to contribute to the community,” he said.

For some couples, marriage marks the start of an eternal bonding but the newlyweds did not have the means to tie knots prior to TamVows.

Approaching its 10th installation, TamVows is also set to expand its reach by inviting partner and adopted communities by the University including those in Calatagan, Batangas, and persons deprived of liberty from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.

Bueno also hinted on their plan to conduct a Binyagang Bayan for the FEU community members’ children. 

In pursuit of walking down the red aisle and sitting at the front of the altar, let the six couples be a reminder of love not as flowers and chocolates, but as gestures of kindness, appreciation, and care. Yet again, TamVows had proven that more than the green-and-gold experience is a green-collared worker with a gold-plated heart.

(Photo by Apollo Arellano/FEU Advocate)