State of Despair

FEU Advocate
September 13, 2020 19:00

By Amor Ocfemia

With hostility of the unknown,
I clung to this extravagant illusion
that you can provide a solution;
so I pretended to blindly embody
this new normality of your filthy falsity.

It became recurrent
that both our souls athirst;
one of hunger, and power for the other.

A throbbing anguish,
permeating my very flesh,
left me skin and bone, alone to squalor.
All this while you left me helpless,
awaiting the collapse of reality,
expecting its walls to bury me.

This demise, though inevitably foretold,
I accept with certitude of vain glory;
because with death there is peace
more than you can give this country.

(Illustration by Glenda Corocoto)