PRESS RELEASE: Leaving a trail of fierce excellence in its wake, Comm students step into the spotlight once again!

FEU Advocate
June 13, 2024 14:15

The Tamaraw Media Awards is the prestigious event dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements of the Far Eastern University (FEU) Communication students. This celebration started on 2022 and aims to continue serving as a testament to communication students’ dedication and passion for their advocacies and artistic visions. Their efforts and trials throughout the past year deserve recognition. As the year draws to a close, it is only fitting to honor the successes they have attained and the challenges they have overcome in their academic and professional journeys.

Last year, TMA embraced the new media frontiers after the pandemic and amidst the evolving media landscape during and after the new normal. This year, the FEU Department of Communication and the FEU Communication Society are committed to showcasing the blazing media excellence of their students, ensuring that their remarkable talents and hardwork are written down in the history.

It took tremendous effort, planning, and teamwork from all working committees to make this year-end event both memorable and fulfilling for all the working committees, audiences and of course, the outstanding nominees. TMA is not merely an awards ceremony; it is a salute to all communication students’ relentless passion that makes their vision come into fruition. It serves as inspiration for those who have dreams for the communication and media landscape.

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, the nominees have once again proven with their astounding array of skills, talents, and visionary ideas, that they are able to establish themselves as the FEUture media leaders. This year was full of growth and transformation, incarnating their ideas through their respective categories.

Held at the Far Eastern University Main Auditorium on June 14, at 02:00-05:00 P.M., the FEU Department of Communication and the FEU Communication Society invites you to be inspired, be moved, be excited for FEU’s budding media professionals in the Tamaraw Media Awards 2024!