Out of the Cocoon: On the wings of a Tamaraw’s second journey

FEU Advocate
May 02, 2016 20:17

By Natasha Nicole M. Dimaculangan

Breaking out from the shell of one’s alma mater, with flying colors, is every Tamaraw’s ambition. Some would burst forth from their pods and fly out to new grounds for a new adventure. Some would hark back to the familiar spot where they rightfully earned their wings to set out on another exciting flight.

While it is true to say that undergraduate students are like caterpillars nibbling their hole through a new scheme of environment, postgraduate students are already butterflies just fluttering their wings in the safe space they were born in.

Currently taking up his Master of Arts in Psychology Specialization in Clinical Psychology at Far Eastern University (FEU), Eric John Visda finds himself flying around the same campus where he had also nested his Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Looking at FEU with a new pair of eyes, Visda sees a major difference in his previous and current education.

“In the undergraduate studies, they will do spoon feeding just to learn the jargons, the topics, and the other terms para ma-familiarize ka (for the students to be familiarized). Pero (but) in my Master’s, you are opted to know it already. Refreshing it is not an option,” he explained.

Although many students believe that their ample years of stay are enough to get a deep lore of the University, Visda feels like there are more unseen treasures in FEU that need to be discovered.

“Even though I already had my four-year stay here in FEU, actually ngayon pang 6th year ko na (actually it’s my 6th year already), parang ang dami ko pa ring na-di-discover sa FEU na sobrang na-i-in love ako (I still have a lot to discover from FEU that gets me feel in love). FEU’s history-it is so rich. Ang dami nang nangyari dito na kailangang maging aware ‘yung students (FEU’s history is a great deal of knowledge that the students need to be aware of) for them to also appreciate the school,” he stated.

Usually a long stay in a certain place sets a feeling of eagerness to explore brand new arrays of milieus. For students, graduation will open the door for better opportunities. However for Visda, there is much in store in taking a Master’s degree.

“The things you learn inside the classroom is sobrang (very) different. Siguro (Perhaps) the great part of taking the second degree course is to study again na parang (that) everyday you learn something new,” he stated.

Indeed, aside from gaining perspective, there are a gushes of rewards that one can receive from pursuing greater heights. But what Visda considers as a major feat is being able to expand his horizons.

“Well for some, dagdag sa pangalan (it adds credibility to one’s name). But for me, it is more than that. When you learn to love something, gusto moyun na lumawak pa (you still want to widen it),” he furthered.

Even though he has established a name for himself, Visda continues to aim high. Not only is he taking his Master’s in FEU, Visda is also currently working as the Offices Services Assistant in Alumni Relations and Placement Services in the University.

Sobrang na-a-appreciate ko talaga ‘yung (I’ve learned to appreciate) FEU these past few years. All my life dito ako nag-aral tapos dito pa ako nag-wo-work (I studied here and now, I’m already working here). Although some of my days are just ordinary, just to be part of FEU as a worker, student, or kahit bilang Jammas man lang eh iba ‘yung (or even as Jammas, there’s an overwhelming) feeling,” he remarked.

It is the element of belongingness found by the Tamaraws that creates a sense of attachment towards FEU. For certain, leaving one’s alma mater to pursue the next chapter of one's life is difficult, something Visda is preparing for in the near future. But even if this day comes, he promises to wear a badge of pride wherever he goes.

Visda expressed that “Hindi pa man champion si FEU sa basketball, love ko na siya. Sobrang proud ako sa FEU at proud ako na dito ako nag-aral (I love FEU even before its championship in basketball. I will always be proud that I studied here).”

A butterfly will never be capable of flight until it has struggled to free itself from its wrap. Perhaps the second degree takers are proof that one can break through another seal of cocoon and transform into something stronger and more beautiful than it ever was. And wherever their wings may take them, they could still travel back in the same place where they were hatched.