Oppression of the Press

FEU Advocate
March 30, 2019 00:17

Another oppression of the fourth estate was manifested with the arrest of Rappler CEO and journalist Maria Ressa after her arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), March 29.

The warrant of arrest was issued by Pasig Regional Trial Court regarding violation of Anti-Dummy Law charge against Ressa and other Rappler board members.

This is not the first oppression of the fourth estate from the Duterte administration.

FEU Advocate strongly condemns the continuous persecution of journalists and government critics in the country.

We stand by Ressa and other guardians of veritas in this fight against series of harassments of the government in their attempt to silence the truth.

Ressa may be released on bail for the seventh time, as of this writing, but the clear attack on press freedom is still a matter of grave concern.

The Philippine media and journalists should stand together in this battle against the pursuit of those who are abusing their power to subdue the advocates of truth. We must voice out our cry for justice and show them that we stay independent and fearless in the fulfillment of our call.

We call our government to stop their attacks and repressions of the press, and to exercise their authority within the mandate of our fundamental law.

We appeal to everyone to never get too acquainted with this kind of power abuse and threat against freedom of expression and democracy.