Jest in Love

FEU Advocate
April 01, 2024 12:45

In April's first day, beneath the jest's disguise,
I dare to bare my heart before her eyes.
Confessions deep, in laughter's guise they lay,
Yet in her smile, my hopes began to sway.

"I love you," I confessed with trembling breath,
Yet met with laughter, masking love's cruel death.
"It's April Fool's!" she chimed, with teasing delight,
But in my soul, it pierced me like a blight.

We laughed together, in friendship's embrace.
Yet in my heart, a silent, somber space.
"Just friends," I echoed, with a heavy sigh,
Agreeing with the joke, though, love ran high.

But deep within, where truths are often hid,
I knew some jests bear half the love they bid.
Though it's settled, it was a joke that was sent,
I hope she'd realize that some jokes are half meant.

-Josias Je Rellora

(Illustration by Chynna Mae Santos/FEU Advocate)