Is it too Tight?

FEU Advocate
June 11, 2023 10:09

The sun’s tender rays fell upon the mirror
Unveiled insecurities in shadowed horror
At daybreak’s call, where people expect breakfast in bed
Indulging visions of perfection became yours instead

Despite the ceaseless query if thy body suffice,
Images of the svelte and curvaceous—devoured in big bites
Alas, beyond such cravings, hunger continues to unfold
With a belt in sight, elusive desires seem easier to hold

Compelled by the unknown whispers in your head
One try won’t hurt, yes, that’s what you said
Yet as soon as you let its limbs embrace you, 
Restraints are forgotten ‘til you’re compressed and blue

The greater you pull, the more it suffocates 
But to mirror their likeness is the ultimate chase
You kissed your bruises and wear your marks with pride,
For there’s no cherry sweeter than a perfect body in sight

So when solitude comes, curtains draped in secrecy,
And you are left to stare at what you call a “legacy”
Instead of questioning if the belt is too tight,
Beseech thyself, the reasons that led you to this plight

-Wyan Aira Mendez