FEUCSO president steps down, cites ‘personal reasons’

FEU Advocate
February 26, 2021 11:00

Far Eastern University Central Student Organization (FEUCSO) 85th president Clarice Jane “Yayit” Gerona placed her resignation letter, vacating the board’s presidential position last Saturday, February 20.

In an online statement, Gerona expressed her despondency as she shared her resignation after four years of being in service.

“Serving the green and gold community opened many doors and provided great opportunities for me such as expanding my horizons in amplifying the voice of the students while understanding their struggles and offering effective solutions,” Gerona said.

She also stated in her resignation letter that despite the joy and pleasure of working with FEUCSO, she sees her work getting compromised as she delves onto other responsibilities as a company employee. Gerona also admitted that her struggle with her physical and mental health brought by the pandemic affects her performance as a student-leader.

“It would be unethical of me to stay in power knowing my performance as a student-leader is compromised-- that is neglect of duty,” she said.

“I hope that over the course of my leadership, I was able to fulfill my mission of giving power to the students,” she added.

She acknowledged on her tweet on Saturday night that she’s confident she has fulfilled her duty as the president and she’s assured knowing that there are other student-leaders who shall stand firm in upholding the organization’s vision in serving the student body.

Gerona started as a member of the legislative and legal department in the organization before running and winning as the Public Relations Officer during her freshman year. In 2019, she won the presidential elections and continued to serve until early this year.

The resignation has been approved by the Student Development Office on Monday, February 22. FEUCSO’s incumbent vice president Kristoff Luzon, then, takes the presidency chair in accordance with the conventions of the law.

FEUCSO is the highest student government of FEU Manila campus which has been in service, promoting students’ rights since 1935.

-Mary Licel Biscocho

(Photo retrieved from FEU Advocate’s coverage of 2019 FEU Student Elections Grand Debate)