Disarming the Iron Fists

FEU Advocate
September 23, 2021 09:12

Two iron fists reigned in different times,
As they were cast in the same mold.
Palms covered in blood along with similar crimes,
Sardonically iron fists, now speckled with gold

The deafening proclamation of Martial Law,
Echoes forty-nine years from behind, 
Oh, how the vivid memories it has left with us! 
Transpired differently yet parallel in these hard times.

Pointing fingers, palms of torture: claiming power in their hands. 
The voice of fascists screaming bloodshed a thousand lives apart, 
With our souls waiting for peace at the end of their merciless plans,
This is not our end, dear fellow-men, ignite our bravery to start!

“Never again!”, we must declare with a spirit unchained! 
For history must be remembered as we look forward to a change.
Mouths no longer stitched; eyes no longer closed,
No fear of death with the threats to silence cries for hope.

Two iron fists must come to an end, not a chance of being three.
By our suffrage, let’s pave the way for true democracy.
The ticking clock, before it ends, must now be our pursuit!
To liberty for humankind, through fingers inked with blue.

- Florence Anne T. Taiño

(Photo by Juan Pablo Parian/FEU Advocate)