DepComm launches FEU SCREEN

FEU Advocate
December 10, 2021 04:37

Far Eastern University (FEU) Department of Communication (DepComm) introduced FEU SCREEN, an advocacy initiative that promotes the relevance and role of Communication as a field, last November 27.

In an online response to FEU Advocate, DepComm Chair Herwin Cabasal shared that the advocacy includes activities like Likhang Mulat, Beyond the Screen, Green Screen Exhibition, Comm Talk: Brown Bag Lectures, CommBack Home, and MILA: Media and Information Literacy Advocacy.

Showing the intersectionality and contribution of Communication as a field, the acronym SCREEN stands for society, culture, research, education, entertainment, and nation. 

Cabasal also emphasized that FEU SCREEN aims to promote media and information literacy, foster active engagement between Digital Cinema and Convergent Media experts, students, and the general public, and provide various platforms that advance cultural and social dialogue and discourse on pressing issues.

Media information and literacy for all 

With the support from the Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS) and the involvement of the department chair, cluster heads, office staff, faculty members, and all Communication students, various activities will be offered under the FEU SCREEN.

Likhang Mulat provides an avenue for Communication students to showcase progressive and critical media that they produced. It has been recognized by the Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA) and has produced a visual communication exhibit that won the Excellence Award from the 8th Philippine Student Quill Awards.

Meanwhile, Beyond the Screen presents roundtable discussions, webinars, academic talks, research presentations, and public lectures. Likewise, CommTalk: Brown Bag Lectures delivers the latest academic research and publications by the department’s faculty cluster to the FEU Community and the general public. 

Another engaging activity prepped is the Green Screen Exhibition where featured films produced by prominent filmmakers, independent and alternative filmmakers, faculty members, alumni, and students are exhibited.

“As its name signifies (Green Screen Exhibition), audiences are transported to different worlds through film screenings and are exposed to different contexts through filmmaker engagement,” Cabasal said.

To recognize the contribution of FEU Communication alumni to the nation, FEU SCREEN introduces CommBack Home where reputable alumni may share their knowledge to the FEU Community and the general public through talks, presentations, or workshops.

A community extension service will also be advanced by FEU SCREEN through MILA: Media and Information Literacy Advocacy for the strengthening of the relevance and role of media and information literacy in societal progress.

Last December 3, the soft launch of FEU SCREEN has begun with the presentation of the “Dokyu-Totoo: A Roundtable Discussion on the Role of Documentaries in Human Rights Discourse and Social Advocacy” of Beyond the Screen. 

Cabasal added that other activities under FEU SCREEN will be announced soon.

“It is important for FEU students to participate in FEU SCREEN activities so they can reflect on issues that matter in society through the eyes of Communication and Media practitioners, scholars, faculty, alumni, and even students,” Cabasal said.

May alam, may pakialam

Led by the FEU Department of Communication’s mantra ‘May alam, may pakialam’, FEU SCREEN highlights the relevance and role of Communication in societal progress and national development. 

According to Cabasal, having the knowledge and skills in the field of communication is not enough. Instead, he also encourages faculty members and students to care about how these skills are being utilized.

“Our faculty members and students may have the knowledge and skills in this field, but how they are being utilized for the benefits of other people and greater good of the nation make a difference. That is the ‘may pakialam’ (caring) part. It is not enough that we just know, we should care,” Cabasal asserted.

In partnership with human rights organizations, Likhang Mulat Film Movements Festival 2021 under FEU SCREEN will hold its premiere night on Human Rights Day, December 10. It will exhibit social advocacy cinema produced by students from December 10 to 17. 

- Shane Vallery A. Beduya

(Photo courtesy of FEU Department of Communication)