Anonuevo on coming back: I know I always had FEU

FEU Advocate
September 14, 2021 04:10

By Trisha Marie L. Abuyan 

After a year of training in the United States of America (USA), former Baby Tams standout Cholo Anonuevo came back home to the Philippines and is set to help the Far Eastern University (FEU) Tamaraws Men’s Basketball bring back its glory in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). 

“My goal is to, of course, win the championship and that should be everyone’s goal if we want to achieve that. I think we really do have a good chance of getting that,” Anonuevo said. 

The green-and-gold community’s arms had always been open for Anonuevo’s comeback as Athletic Director Mark Molina, UAAP Board Representative Anton Montinola and Head Coach Olsen Racela showed their support since the beginning of his international journey. 

“I know I always had FEU if nothing worked out in the US. That's what Sir Mark [Molina], Boss Anton [Montinola] was talking about, and coach Olsen [Racela] of course. I was talking to them constantly there, they are helping me,” he stated. 

Equipped with international training, Anonuevo knew that his knowledge would be a great help to his fellow Tamaraws. 

He shared in a virtual interview with FEU Advocate that his edge is the experience of playing with professional players and top trainers in the USA. This will help the Morayta-based squad to contend for another championship title.

I see what it took for people to be in the position they were in the US and I played with a lot of pro guys and I’ve been training with top trainers there. I could help my teammates go to the next level,” he said. 

Anonuevo spent most of his 2020 training with East West Private (EWP) in Ohio, having high hopes of being a better player and improving his skills, especially in dribbling and shooting, to be a versatile guard.

“My skills got better when I was there, like even playing with the competition there. My ball-handling and my shooting really improved from when I was here last year. It really helps me as a player to improve. It gets tougher as well,” Anonuevo stated. 

But it wasn’t easy for the lefty cager as he needed to work hard for the upper hand he’s been given. He went through intense skill-work-based training twice a day, the morning was spent with EWP while the afternoon was for Dohn Community High School Prep Program. 

The decision to come home was not only for his basketball career, he also wants to continue his studies and is now taking Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences. 

Going back home might be a stopover on his dreams of playing for the National Basketball Association (NBA), but Cholo is optimistic that there will still be another opportunity for him to achieve it. 

“When I was there it would have been a higher chance of me going to the NBA if I stayed… There’s always another round that people take to go to the NBA and I know it's gonna be down there. There’s gonna be probably an opportunity for me down the line in my career,” Cholo said. 

(Photo courtesy of The UAAP)