5 Restaurants in Binondo to Welcome the Year of the Rat

FEU Advocate
January 26, 2020 10:05

Located in the heart of Old Manila is Binondo, the go-to place for an array of delicious Chinese cuisine which also happens to be the venue for the colorful and festive celebration of Chinese New Year.

Here is a quick guide to a handful of delicious restaurants that the World’s Oldest Chinatown has to offer:

1. Wai Ying Fastfood

This restaurant is the easiest to get to since it is just one jeepney ride and a 10 or 15-minute walk away from Recto Avenue. Located in 810 Benavidez Street, Wai Ying offers the tastiest dimsum and dumplings at the most affordable price. 

Aside from these, they also offer dishes like Beef Noodles and Beef with Broccoli if some variety is wanted. Although a bit cramped, the location seems quite intimate and is still a good place to bring your family and friends for some quality time together.

2. Masuki Mami Restaurant

Living the dormitory life can feel a bit mundane at times especially when it comes to the food being prepared. For those times when mom’s home cooking just feels like the best thing to eat when the homesickness kicks in, just cross the street from Wai Ying over to Masuki Mami Restaurant at 931 Benavidez Street. 

Their menu is quite limited but do not be fooled because what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. A famous combo to try would be their famous pairing of Asado Mami and Asado Siopao.

3. Dong Bei Dumplings

Unlike a few well-known dimsum restaurants in the metro, Dong Bei Dumplings provide the tastiest dumplings without breaking the bank. Located in 642 Yuchengco Street, the restaurant prepares all their dimsum on-site and might even prepare a handful of fresh ones right in front of the customer. 

Some must-try dishes include the Kuchay Dumplings and Xiao Long Bao which can be enjoyed by a group of friends or even solo.

4. Ying Ying Tea House

Being one of the more spacious restaurants on this list, Ying Ying Tea House is definitely the place to go to with a big group of friends who all crave various Chinese dishes. Located along 233-235 Yuchengco Street, their menu boasts of an array of meals from dimsum, congee dishes, noodles, and even desserts such as Man Tao or Mango Jelly with Sago.

During the Chinese New Year celebration, the management allows the famous dancing dragon to enter the premises and dance around in order to bring good luck.

5. Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant

Located in 497 Yuchengco Street, this restaurant is famous for their deep-fried chicken as well as being one of the oldest establishments in Manila’s Chinatown. They also offer a few interesting dishes such as Frog Adobo and Deep Fried Frog Legs which might be the perfect meal for the adventurous eater.

Different kinds of food in Binondo show how much diversity it has in terms of its cuisine. With so many restaurants and stores to visit, Chinese New Year is a wonderful time to explore the unique and delicious flavors they have while learning to appreciate their culture.

-Ma. Isabela D. Manacsa
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