5 Reasons Why Listening to Podcasts is Worthwhile

FEU Advocate
September 30, 2021 03:19

By  Rafa Jane S. Galeon and Samantha Cheyenne Gail D. Pagunuran

The increased daily media consumption by people of all ages induces the ongoing buildout of digitized content such as podcasts. In today’s celebration of International Podcast Day, let us bring to light how it benefits everyone, especially students, during this health crisis.

While staying at home keeps everyone safer now, it also adversely affects everyone’s well-being. Motivation and productiveness have become challenging to maintain, but several podcasts available may be of help.

Podcasts are digital audio files created through different skills and knowledge to cover meaningful discussions and stories. Listening to them could take at least thirty minutes of one’s time, and it is worth it. Moreover, here is a list to inform you about the various features of listening to them and the viewpoints of podcast enthusiasts from Far Eastern University (FEU).

1. They offer a variety of entertainment suited to one’s preferences.

People decide which delights them depending on what surrounds them, along with the evolving culture and technology. Taking that into consideration, podcasts intend to get people hooked up through both fantasies and realities.

There is a wide list of genres and topics that attracts the attention and interest of listeners in the long run. True Crime, Dark History, and Meditative or Ambient Sounds are the most liked genres of Kristine Clare Celorio, a 3rd year BS Accountancy student and a regular podcast listener.

“Whenever I listen to my favorite genre of podcast, I feel more relaxed and determined to continue the things that I’m doing or aiming [for],” Celorio expressed.

Podcasts give people new ways to enjoy their leisure time and relax for a bit despite their workload. Some of these involve storytelling on specific themes, while others are amused by podcast hosts simply by being themselves.

2. Podcast hosts share their personal experiences to inspire and motivate their listeners.

The personal and common issues of an individual being featured on podcasts are mental health, relationships, and school or work. These may vary for all of us, but one's experience can offer encouragement to another's current situation.

This is why Mary Eina Miranda, a 3rd year BS Accountancy student who frequently listens to podcasts, prefers conversational podcasts. This type is more on the casual side – making their listeners comfortable while enlightening them about life.

"It's a [sic] water for the soul of the plant. It lets me grow wisely not just by listening to it but also trying to adapt the host's wisdom with my daily life,” Miranda shared.

People behind such podcasts took the initiative to be a source of hope and strength in the middle of this pandemic. Others even assume that these personalities live their best lives - buying everything they desire and going anywhere they want. In reality, they have similar struggles with their listeners and could contribute to overcoming theirs.

3. Professionals and other personalities use this platform to educate more people about their field of expertise or what they believe in.

At times, an individual is too occupied to take care of himself and discover knowledge that could give him a better perspective and lifestyle. Therefore, eminent experts and influencers took over podcasts as well.

Looking at the 100 Most Popular Podcasts Right Now in the Philippines, as of September 20, 2021, Education, Health & Fitness, and Society & Culture are prevalent. These are also among the topics that are most important to understand and prioritize at present.

Health professionals cover the five main aspects of personal health on this platform - physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and psychological. Some people also devoted themselves to teaching podcast listeners about their careers and passions, like education and business.

Some produced podcasts are spreading awareness regarding their advocacies so that people can practice empathy and support to a particular cause. They cover topics that are often misunderstood, such as women empowerment, sexuality, and even politics.

4. Listening to podcasts is a great method to learn new things and gain suggestions on self-improvement. 

Podcasts provide an array of categories and genres, one of which is giving out pieces of advice and tips, which are definitely beneficial to people who want to improve or reinvent themselves.

Aside from conversational podcasts, Mary Eina Miranda said that she also likes listening to self-help podcasts. According to her, it is “an additional learning of how to be a better version of you, how you handle more of the upcoming days, weeks, years of maturity.”

Further, podcasts also make it simple for people to learn new things because they are convenient and available to everyone since a vast range of podcasts can be found with just a few taps on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Apart from that, it offers all different kinds of genres for people, whether it is about self-help, something educational, ways to get over their ex, or things to do before you reach 30, it could be anything. So if podcast listeners are going through something, they can always listen to self-help podcasts for support and comfort.

5. Listening to podcasts help people build bridges and connect together.

The podcast is well-known for providing a wide range of listening alternatives to its consumers. However, its role does not end there; it also helps in connecting people.

Podcast listeners who enjoy the same genre or category tend to find others who do as well, as it shows that they have common interests.

According to 4th year BS Accountancy student, Patricia Nicole Mistica, she loves listening to crime and thriller podcasts. In addition, 4th year BA Language and Literature Studies (BALLS) student, Reina Kesia Borja shared that she enjoys listening to the same genre—which is a great way to bring people together.

Another example of podcasts connecting other people is if someone recommends a podcast and the other person says they enjoyed it, they will be able to create a bond with the other person because they will have something in common to talk about.

Speaking of recommendations, 4th year Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature Studies (BALLS) student, Joseph Luther Lumagui said that he enjoys listening to educational podcasts because it discusses "educational socio-political practice and ideas along with recognized writers." Since this is educational and informative, he thought it would be a good idea to share it with others.

People who listen to podcasts have a variety of reasons for doing so. Some people claimed it made them feel less alone, brought them joy, comfort, and entertainment, while others said it helped them stay informed and educated on topics like politics and other fascinating information about various things.

So, if someone is still uncertain about listening to podcasts, now is the moment for them to get out of their comfort zones and give it a shot with the International Podcast Day just right around the corner. Certainly, this could provide people a whole new experience in a variety of ways that they may enjoy, or even help them transform themselves. 

(Illustration by Maria Margarita Corazon P. Rivera/ FEU Advocate)

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